Dear Thomasian journalist

You’re all over my feed right now, posting about that bittersweet moment (mostly sweet though) that you finally leave behind the school that has been both your north star and your home.

Remember this moment.

Remember, too, the moment that you decided that there was nothing more in life that you wanted to do other than journalism.

Keep both memories within reach always. You’re going to need them someday.

We’ll get to that later.

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Friends, mark your calendars


It’s the worst way to be cost efficient, maintaining two media streaming apps. After all, there’s very little time in a day to binge on every video on demand offered by a single streaming company—especially when you’re a hands-on dad working in one of the most time-devouring industries in the country—so why pay for two?

Well, because your favorite show of all time isn’t on Netflix yet.

Until now.


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How would Crispa fare in today’s balance-hungry, social media-heavy fandom?

History labels the Crispa Redmanizers as the greatest PBA team of all-time. Thirteen titles in 10 years cemented that claim for the team owned by the Floro family. Of course, San Miguel Beer is slowly creeping into the discussion of “Greatest Ever” after collecting its 24th title in the past season.

With the Beermen still existing, trust that total to rise even more.

But the number of championships isn’t just the reason Crispa ranks up there in the pantheon of great all-time squads. It is also because of the number of iconic players who donned the fabled Redmanizers colors.

Abet Guidaben. Philip Cezar. Bernie Fabiosa. Atoy Co. Freddie Hubalde. Bogs Adornado. Yoyoy Villamin. Joy Carpio. Joy Dionisio. Padim Israel. At one point or another, these legends saw action for Crispa—a lot of them even played together.


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Why blame San Miguel Beer for Standhardinger pick?

As usual, when I write about controversial topics, I always start off by getting things out of the way first.

And here are some things you need to know:

I’ve always been a San Miguel Beer fan. It started when the core of the NCC squad played as Magnolia in the PBA then carried over until now. And will probably carry on forever.

I’ve never believed that Kia was going to keep Standhardinger, even if commissioner Chito Narvasa torpedoed the deal. The 6-foot-7 Gilas Pilipinas standout would have ended up playing for any other team but Kia.

I mean, raise your hand if you believe that Kia would have kept Standhardinger at least for an entire season?


If you did raise your hand, you may stop reading now.

Kia was going to deal away Standhardinger and it would have been to a strong team on either side of the conglomerate rivalry.

Trust me, Kia’s purpose is to build a powerhouse PBA squad capable of a dynasty. It’s just, you now, not their own.

The Inquirer is in the middle of a sale to SMC top chief Ramon Ang.

If you understand those aforementioned biases, and understand that those biases will not come into play in this piece, then read on.

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BECAUSE babies tend to mutter a lot of gibberish, there’s a chance that she will get lucky and cobble a couple of syllables that would sound like a legit word. So the rule the wife and I had for determining Isay’s first word would be that she actually has an understanding of what she is saying.

Isay’s first word was mama. Sometimes, that would morph into ma-me. But it was her first word because she understands what she wants when she says mama. She wants her mother.

It’s understandable. Not only is mama made up of the two easiest syllables for babies, Isay and her mom are like best friends.

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Isay turns one

I guess the first and most celebrated milestone of any baby is the day she turns one. There are people who plan these events like they were planning weddings. Seriously. The wife began making plans for Isay’s first birth anniversary the day after she was baptized. Isay was just four months old during her christening.

It’s a funny thing because if you really think about it, the one birthday you’re bound to have absolutely no recollection of is your first.

But in an age where you can easily pack memories into digital packages and unbox them years later looking like they happened just yesterday, celebrating a first birthday gives you a chance to create time capsules that you can show your kid when she grows up—you know, to give her an idea what the world was like when she turned one.

People looked like this during that time?

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